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IELTS/TOEFL Writing: 「家族」をテーマにしたライティングの例題


Model Comprehensive Writing Task


Today's topic: 

Why are families spending less time with each other, and what can we do to overcome this?




 One Possible answer by an intermediate English-profiency examinee:



If you can remember the time when you were a first grade student not wanting to go to school, spending time with families has been one of the most precious moments you could ever have. As we grow older, however, the time we are with our families become less and less. This trend is due to several factors.

One reason behind this is the fact that the “physical distance” between families are becoming further and further. With the globalization of the community, it is now not uncommon for workers to live away from their beloved ones to seek for better working contracts. However, the sense of loneliness that can occur from this relationship can be alleviated by the fact that we can now connect with anyone around the world through the Internet. In a few flicks, you will be able to get in touch with your family in less than a few seconds, no matter where you are in the world. Ironically, however, this casual method of communication has made it more difficult to understand the actual feeling that the sender conveys, making sensitive communication more and more difficult.

Therefore, the importance of face-to-face contact will be of great importance when it comes to having families become closer together. Now, many people still use holidays, such as the New Years or Christmas, for family gatherings. We must make good use of these opportunities, so that the family members that gather can feel comfortable being together as a family, and feel the necessity to make face-to-face communication with their family members.

No matter how far apart we may be, families are still the core of our social lives. We should not take this fact for granted, and try to maintain a good relationship with our families, and keeping close contact with each other will be the key.

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